Some pictures of some friends
This page might take a while to load up, but stick around for a while, you might see something interesting. I have some friends who I don't have pictured here. This is because I don't have pictures of them (you know who you are). If you have some, email them to me.
Note: listed from left to right.

Here is a comon scene at the Kidman household.
Top: Susan (my sister :), Justin Simmons, Justin Miller, Robin Hamilton, Lance Shakespear, Jenny Hamilton.
Bottom: Jennifer Kidman, Micah Lewis, Lynda Kidman

This picture was taken right after I left to Rexburg for college.
Mike Gifford (Jiffy), David Miller, Justin Miller, and Micah Lewis

Another shot after I left.
Ron Anderson, Caden Simmons, Casey Meadows, Justin Miller, Jon Pluim, Megan Ruesch (sp?), Lynda Kidman, Justin Simmons, Micah Lewis, Lynette Kidman, (I'm not sure whole those two girls are; friends of Dave), David Miller

Look at that ratio! Only a few times were they as such.
Stephanie Terry, Stephanie Talbot, me, Lynette Kidman, Jenny Hamilton

You'd almost think these ladies were sisters, but they are not; yet they share the same name.
Jennifer Kidman and Jenny Marble

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