My Family
My family is of the most important things in my life. They are plain awesome, and I've had so much fun over the years. I don't have pictures of everyone, so I am only going to post the ones that I have.

These are the two that started it all. (We still have that chair. It's a vibrating chair. Next time you come to visit, make sure you ask to try it out.)

This is my oldest sister Janene and brother Jim. I hope they don't mind me putting baby pictures on the web. (Janene's daughters still use that chair, BTW)

This is my brother Jim making sand pyramids? at the fabulous Lake Powell.

This one truly shows the Berrier resemblance. It's a little outdated, but I think it fulfills its purpose just fine.
David Berrier, Angela Berrier

Here's my little sister Susan, the baby She's not much of a baby anymore though.

Well folks, that's all the pictures of my family that I have. Either I gotta scan some pictures, or have them send me some. I plan for this collection getting bigger in the future.
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