A little about me
I was born on July 17th, 1979 to Duane and LuAnn Berrier. I grew up in Page, Arizona, with with four brothers and four sisters. I don't have a wide range of pictures. I didn't even get any senior pictures from high school. In fact, almost all of these pictures were taken on someone elses camera. My thanks goes to those who supplied the film.

I just got my braces off!! Wahoo!

My roommate for half of the first semester at Ricks gave me a camera before he left home for Christmas. This is a shot I took on a Sunday afternoon.

I was feeling a little crazy in college and buzzed my head. I wanted to do it some time before hand, but never quite did it until I was in the laundry room/basement of Biddulph Hall in Rexburg, Idaho. I was a little colder from that day forth, but my hair is growing. (That's Spike (Dan Beck) in the background, BTW)

There's all my hair! If you want a whiff of comfort, buzz your head. It feels SO cool.

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